Add a time tracking record

Add a time tracking record

Sample Request

  "timeTrackingId": "9abf58d1-6657-11e6-b28d-0800272a335a",
  "employeeId": "40342",
  "divisionId": "17964",
  "departmentId": "17939",
  "jobTitleId": "17924",
  "payCode": "002455",
  "dateHoursWorked": "2016-08-11",
  "payRate": "27.7765",
  "rateType": "REG",
  "hoursWorked": "4.5760",
  "jobCode": "123456",
  "jobData": "9abf58d1-6657-11e6-b,9abf58d1-6657-11e6-a"

Sample Response

  "timeTrackingId": "9abf58d1-6657-11e6-b28d-0800272a335a",

Minimum Required Fields

timeTrackingId, employeeId, dateHoursWorked, rateType, hoursWorked

Additional Parameters

payRate, divisionId, departmentId, jobTitleId, payCode, jobCode, jobData


rateType must be one of: 'REG','OT'

The time tracking id can be any id you use to track the record up to 36 characters in length. (i.e. UUID)

The dateHoursWorked needs to be submitted in ISO 8601 Date Format. (YYYY-MM-DD format)

jobData: a list of up to four 20 characters max job numbers in comma delimited format with no spaces

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