Field Names

API Field NameTypeDescription
acaStatustextDeprecated please use ‘acaStatusCategory’
acaStatusCategorytextThe employee's ACA (Affordable Care Act) status. This field can not be updated directly but is calculated based on mappings for employment statuses found on the employmentStatus table. Options are: contractor, full-time, intern-eligible, intern-ineligible, part-time-eligible, part-time-ineligible, and seasonal.
address1textThe employee's first address line.
address2textThe employee's second address line.
ageintegerThe employee's age. To change age, update dateOfBirth field.
bestEmailemailThe employee's work email if set, otherwise their home email.
birthdaytextThe employee's month and day of birth. To change birthday, update dateOfBirth field.
bonusAmountcurrencyThe amount of the most recent bonus.
bonusCommenttextComment about the most recent bonus.
bonusDatedateThe date of the last bonus.
bonusReasonlistThe reason for the most recent bonus.
citytextThe employee's city.
commissionAmountcurrencyThe amount of the most recent commission.
commissionCommenttextComment about the most recent commission.
commissionDatedateThe date of the last commission.
commisionDatedateThis field name contains a typo, and exists for backwards compatibility.
countrycountryThe employee's country.
createdByUserIdintegerThe id of the user who created the employee. Read only. May be null if employee was created before the release of this field.
dateOfBirthdateThe date the employee was born.
departmentlistThe employee's CURRENT department.
divisionlistThe employee's CURRENT division.
eeolistThe employee's EEO job category. These are defined by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
employeeNumbertextEmployee number (assigned by your company).
employmentHistoryStatuslistThe employee's CURRENT employment status. Options are customized by account. Read-only starting with version 1.1; update using the employmentStatus table.
ethnicitylistThe employee's ethnicity.
exemptlistThe FLSA Overtime Status (Exempt or Non-exempt).
firstNametextThe employee's first name.
flsaCodelistDeprecated please use 'exempt'
fullName1textThe employee's first and last name. (e.g., John Doe). Read only.
fullName2textThe employee's last and first name. (e.g., Doe, John). Read only.
fullName3textThe employee's full name and their preferred name. (e.g., Doe, John Quentin (JDog)). Read only.
fullName4textThe employee's full name without their preferred name, last name first. (e.g., Doe, John Quentin). Read only.
fullName5textThe employee's full name without their preferred name, first name first. (e.g., John Quentin Doe). Read only.
displayNametextThe employee's name displayed in a format configured by the user. Read only.
gendergenderThe employee's gender (Male or Female).
hireDatedateThe date the employee was hired.
originalHireDatedateThe date the employee was originally hired. Available starting with version 1.1.
homeEmailemailThe employee's home email address.
homePhonephoneThe employee's home phone number.
idintegerThe employee ID automatically assigned by BambooHR. Read only.
isPhotoUploadedboolWhether a photo has been uploaded for the employee. Read only.
jobTitlelistThe CURRENT value of the employee's job title, updating this field will create a new row in position history.
lastChangedtimestampThe date and time that the employee record was last changed.
lastNametextThe employee's last name.
locationlistThe employee's CURRENT location.
maritalStatuslistThe employee's marital status (Single, Married, or Domestic Partnership).
middleNametextThe employee's middle name.
mobilePhonephoneThe employee's mobile phone number.
nationalIdnational_idThe employee's National ID number
nationalitylistThe employee's nationality
ninninThe employee's NIN number
payChangeReasonlistThe reason for the employee's last pay rate change.
payGrouplistThe custom pay group that the employee belongs to.
payGroupIdintegerThe ID value corresponding to the pay group that an employee belongs to.
payRatecurrencyThe employee's CURRENT pay rate (e.g., $8.25).
payRateEffectiveDatedateThe day the most recent change was made.
payTypepay_typeThe employee's CURRENT pay type. ie: "hourly","salary","commission","exception hourly","monthly","weekly","piece rate","contract","daily","pro rata".
paidPerpaid_perThe employee's CURRENT pay per. ie: "Hour", "Day", "Week", "Month", "Quarter", "Year".
paySchedulelistThe employee's CURRENT pay schedule.
payScheduleIdintegerThe ID value corresponding to the pay schedule that an employee belongs to.
payFrequencylistThe employee's CURRENT pay frequency. ie: "Weekly", "Every other week", "Twice a month", "Monthly", "Quarterly", "Twice a year", or "Yearly"
includeInPayrollboolShould employee be included in payroll (Yes or No)
timeTrackingEnabledboolShould time tracking be enabled for the employee (Yes or No)
preferredNametextThe employee's preferred name.
ssnssnThe employee's Social Security number.
sinsinThe employee's Canadian Social Insurance Number.
standardHoursPerWeekintegerThe number of hours the employee works in a standard week.
statestateThe employee's state/province.
stateCodetextThe 2 character abbreviation for the employee's state (US only). Read only.
statusstatusThe employee's employee status (Active or Inactive).
supervisoremployeeThe employee’s CURRENT supervisor. Read only.
supervisorIdintegerThe 'employeeNumber' of the employee's CURRENT supervisor. Read only.
supervisorEIdintegerThe ID of the employee's CURRENT supervisor. Read only.
supervisorEmailtextThe email of the employee's CURRENT supervisor. Read only.
terminationDatedateThe date the employee was terminated. Read-only starting with version 1.1; update using the employmentStatus table.
workEmailemailThe employee's work email address.
workPhonephoneThe employee's work phone number, without extension.
workPhonePlusExtensiontextThe employee's work phone and extension. Read only
workPhoneExtensiontextThe employee's work phone extension (if any).
zipcodetextThe employee's ZIP code.