Planned Changes to the API

Adding a limit to the Get Employee Endpoint

In the next few days we will be setting a limit of up to 400 fields that can be requested for a single request to the Get Employee endpoint. This limit is being applied to help ensure the stability and performance of our
systems for everyone. We will communicate about any additional updates to this limit as needed.

2023 January 16

Adding Limits to Custom Report Endpoints

We are currently researching a reasonable limit to the number of fields that can be requested in a single custom report. 90% of uses of the Request a custom report endpoint request 30 or less fields. However there are some requests that attempt to get 1000 or more fields in a single request. We will soon (within days) be implementing a limit of 400 fields on a single custom report request. We may lower that number further, but we don't anticipate going lower than 100. We will continue communicating about this as we find out more.

2022 December 6