Estimate Future Time Off Balances

This endpoint will sum future time off accruals, scheduled time off, and carry-over events to produce estimates for the anticipated time off balance on a given date in the future.

Sample Response

        "name":"Jury duty",
<estimates end="2013-12-31">
 <estimate timeOffType="5" name="Bereavement" units="hours" balance="-2.5" policyType="discretionary" usedYearToDate="2.5"/>
 <estimate timeOffType="6" name="Jury duty" units="days" balance="-1.0" policyType="manual" usedYearToDate="5.0"/>
 <estimate timeOffType="2" name="Sick" units="hours" balance="16.0" policyType="accruing" usedYearToDate="24.0"/>
 <estimate timeOffType="1" name="Vacation" units="hours" balance="40.0" policyType="accruing" usedYearToDate="76.0"/>


The results will only contain time off types that the API user is authorized to see.

The date is specified in the form YYYY-MM-DD.

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