Time Tracking

The time tracking API is used to send approved hours worked to BambooHR, similar to how you would send hours to a payroll company. These hours are stored in BambooHR and can be used to accrue paid time off using BambooHR’s accrual feature, and/or sent to a BambooHR payroll partner during the payroll run. This makes it possible for the customer to use BambooHR as the source of all payroll related data.

Time records can be added to BambooHR or can be retrieved from BambooHR. When adding time records to BambooHR, certain fields are required with each entry such as a date, associated pay rate, and a rate type (see documentation below). Identifying information for the employee is also required so the hours may be associated with the proper employee in BambooHR. Lists of employees and their accompanying identifying information can be retrieved through our api (see Single Dimensional Data).

Please note that only approved hours should be sent to BambooHR since there will be no distinction of approved or not-approved in BambooHR. If non-approved hours are sent to BambooHR, accruals may occur on those hours and they also may be passed to payroll. Edits to approved hours (additions or subtractions) should be sent as new records with their associated date (the date of the hours worked).