Get company report

Use this resource to request one of your existing custom company reports from the My Reports or Manage Reports sections in the Reports tab. You can get the report number by hovering over the report name and noting the ID from the URL. At present, only reports from the My Reports or Manage Reports sections are supported. In the future we may implement reports from the Standard Reports section if there is enough demand for it. The report numbers used in this request are different in each company.

Sample Response

    "title": "This is my report",
    "fields": [
            "id": "firstName",
            "type": "text",
            "name": "First Name"
            "id": "lastName",
            "type": "text",
            "name": "Last Name"
            "id": "91",
            "type": "employee",
            "name": "Supervisor"
    "employees": [
            "91": "Jane Doe"


Format - the output format for the report. Supported formats: CSV, PDF, XLS, XML, JSON
fd (optional) - yes=apply standard duplicate field filtering, no=return the raw results with no duplicate filtering. Default value is "yes".

Response Notes

Column names - Note that the field names in the employee records don't have to match the display names for the columns. The field name used is defined by the relevant data in the 'fields' section of the response.

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