Gets table rows for a given employee and table combination

Returns a data structure representing all the table rows for a given employee and table combination. The result is not sorted in any particular order.

Sample Response

    <row id="1" employeeId="100">
        <field id="date">2010-06-01</field>
        <field id="location">New York Office</field>
        <field id="division">Sprockets</field>
        <field id="department">Research and Development</field>
        <field id="jobTitle">Machinist</field>
        <field id="reportsTo">John Smith</field>
    <row id="2" employeeId="100">
        <field id="date">2009-03-01</field>
        <field id="location">New York Office</field>
        <field id="division">Sprockets</field>
        <field id="department">Sales</field>
        <field id="jobTitle">Salesman</field>
        <field id="reportsTo">Jane Doe</field>


You may now specify a special employee ID of "all", which will cause the API to return all rows for all employees in the table. When specifying "all" employees, the result will include inactive and terminated employees. As with all other API methods, the list of employees shown is still filtered based on the permissions of the user that makes the API request. To get a list of all table data for all employees, make sure to use the API key of a user that has permission to view all the data.

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