Get Time Off Types

This endpoint gets a list of time off types.

Sample Response

   "timeOffTypes":    [
         "id": "1",
         "name": "Vacation",
         "units": "hours",
         "color": "eef448",
         "icon": "palm-trees"
   "defaultHours":    [
         "name": "Saturday",
         "amount": "0"
         "name": "Sunday",
         "amount": "0"
         "name": "default",
         "amount": "8"
    <timeOffType id="1">
        <weekDay name="Saturday" amount="0"/>
        <weekDay name="Sunday" amount="0"/>
        <weekDay name="default" amount="8"/>

GET variables

mode (optional) - set to "request" to get a list of all time off types with which this user can create a time off request. The default is to return the list of time off types the user has permissions on. This distinction is important, as employees can request time off for types that they don't have permission to view balances and requests for.

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