The Hours API is used to send approved hours worked to BambooHR, similar to how you would send hours to a payroll company. These hours can also be retrieved, edited or deleted via the API. Approved hours are stored in BambooHR and can be used to calculate balances for time off policies that accrue based on hours worked and/or sent to BambooHR payroll or a payroll partner during the payroll run. This makes it possible for customers to use BambooHR as the source of all payroll related data. Only approved hours should be sent using this API since there will be no distinction between approved or not-approved in BambooHR.

Please note that the Hours API is separate from BambooHR Time Tracking and is not integrated with BambooHR timesheets. If you are interested in integrating directly with BambooHR timesheets and/or have feedback about your Hours API experience, please let us know here.