Request a custom report

Use this resource to request BambooHR generate a report. You must specify a type of either "PDF", "XLS", "CSV", "JSON", or "XML". You must specify a list of fields to show on the report. The list of fields is available here. The custom report will return employees regardless of their status, "Active" or "Inactive". This differs from the UI, which by default applies a quick filter to display only "Active" employees.

Sample Request

    "title": "This is my report",
    "filters": {
        "lastChanged": {
            "includeNull": "no",
            "value": "2012-10-17T16:00:00Z"
    "fields": [

Supported Formats


Last Changed Filter

You may specify a filter section with a tag (see below). If you add a filter, then you must provide a date in ISO 8601 format and the report will only include those employees whose records have changed since that time.

Note: Prior to June 2011, last change information was not tracked. Employees who have not changed since that time will always be returned in this API, unless you specify that the filter not include null changed dates. To hide null change dates set includeNull="no", as demonstrated in the example below.

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