Assign Time Off Policies for an Employee

To use this API make an HTTP PUT where the body of the request is the JSON documented below. A time off policy will be assigned to the employee with accruals starting on the date specified. A null start date will remove the assignment. On success, a 200 Success code is returned and the content of the response will be the same as the List Time off Policies API.

Sample Request

        "timeOffPolicyId": 4,
        "accrualStartDate": "2012-02-01"
        "accrualStartDate": "0000-00-00"


You may only assign time off policies to employees with hire dates.

The Accrual Start date must be later than the Employees PTO Hire Date.

To adjust the existing Accrual Start Date, unassign the Employee from the Policy first.

You cannot move the Employee to a new Policy if they are already assigned to a Policy belonging to the same Time Off Category; use V1.1 endpoint instead.

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