Get Employee

Get employee data by specifying a set of fields. This is suitable for getting basic employee information, including current values for fields that are part of a historical table, like job title, or compensation information. See the fields endpoint for a list of possible fields.


Efficiency Tip:

If you're trying to get employee data in bulk (for all employees), we recommend using the request a custom report API.

Sample Response

<employee id="123">
    <field id="firstName">John</field>
    <field id="lastName">Doe</field>


The {fieldList} is a comma separated list of values taken from the official list of field names. {number} is an employee ID. The special employee ID of zero (0) means to use the employee ID associated with the API key (if any).

Compatibility Note

For backwards compatibility reasons the state field has an inconsistent behavior for just this API call. It will not return the full name of a state. Rather, it returns the two character US state abbreviation. For international addresses, the state will either be the plain text name if the user hand entered it, or the 2-3 character state/province abbreviation if they selected it from a drop down.

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