Time Tracking - Public Beta



The Time Tracking API is currently in public beta. We invite developers who are willing to review, test, and provide feedback to use these endpoints and help us stabilize and move them out of beta.

By using these endpoints, developers understand that the Time Tracking API is subject to change at any time and may cause breaking changes to any integration or application using these endpoints. There may be bugs in how the API performs or inaccuracies in the documentation.

Feedback for this BETA API is appreciated and should be submitted here.

Please note, if you are not interested in integrating directly with BambooHR timesheets and just need to add hours for time off accrual calculations for payroll purposes, please refer to our Hours API.


  1. Get Timesheet Entries
  2. Add Timesheet Clock-In Entry
  3. Add Timesheet Clock-Out Entry
  4. Get Employee Projects
  5. Add/Edit Timesheet Clock Entries
  6. Delete Timesheet Clock Entries
  7. Add/Edit Timesheet Hour Entries
  8. Delete Timesheet Hour Entries
  9. Create Time Tracking Project

Questions & Answers

What does public BETA mean? How will customers learn about this endpoint and be directed to the documentation? The documentation will be available publicly without requesting to be part of beta. Customers can find the documentation on their own or be directed to the details via Sales or Support.

How long will this API be in Public BETA? The goal with a closed BETA is to learn as quickly as possible with real customers. We’ll likely be in BETA for at least a quarter. If all goes well we could publish the API live from there. However, if we get feedback and need to make adjustments then it could take longer.

Are there plans to expand the BETA API even further? We are starting with a few key API requests. However, we will continue to explore additional endpoints in the future based on feedback from customers.

Who has permissions to use the API? Permissions will follow the same structure as Time Tracking, so if a user has access to view an employee's timesheet they will also have permission to get their timesheet entries via the API.